Discovering Cambodia through Maps and Facts
--- An Open Source GIS Solution on Web-Based Mapping Services

The GNU GPL licenses of Open Source GIS softwares, compared with commercial ones, grant users much more freedoms, such as free copy and distribution, although the "Open Source" does not mean to be given gratis. Users thus benefits greatly from being independent of costly vendor products, especially for those in science and education. With a long-term effort, the Open Source GIS projects have been now offering numerous alternatives for proprietary GIS softwares. These projects almost cover the entire geographic information-processing domain. Among them, some derived softwares perform extremely well.

This web site illustrates an Open Source GIS solution on web-based mapping services by means of the development of an online interactive mapping prototype to discover Cambodia through maps and facts. The data sources include the free copy of 1:1,000,000 Vector Map level 0, the open source Landsat for MSS and TM/ETM scenes at Global Land Cover Facility, the 1:100,000 Cambodian Geology Map and Land Use map, and the village-level administrative units and population data. To serve our mapping system effectively and efficiently, we translated the above datasets into the PostGIS/PostgreSQL database, the shape format and the geotiff format. During the data conversion, only the Open Source GIS softwares - GRASS (postGRASS), GDAL (OGR/OGDI) and LibGeoTIFF utilities are deployed for the corresponding processes. The software implementing the web-based mapping services is the UMN Mapserver 4.0.1 because it perfectly supports our requirements as follows: various types of data sources, on-the-fly projection, WxS specification, and Internationalization (multiple languages support).

The practical system, which serves the environmental Cambodia, is available at The users can not only interactively access the mapping services, but also utilize this system as a remote WMS or WFS data source of their own mapping system. To demostrate the WMS application, we provided several interesting WMS clients to interoperate with our mapserver. For examples, java applet (DMS jBox + javascript) SVG Map (SVG+javascript) and Flash SWF (Php and Libming). All the above WMS clients are also implemented using free or open source tools.

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